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SleepTight All Natural Sleep Aid Pills by GoodLife Nutrition

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Natural SleepTight Sleep Aid Pills for a Relaxed Sleep and Refreshed Morning


A good sleep is highly important to be able to keep up the body’s energy. All of us are living such hectic schedules today that our body demands a good rest to be able to keep up. Today, there are so many medical conditions arising out of lack of sleep, a disturbed sleep and exhaustion because of the same.


Developing good sleeping habits has many benefits on our mind and body. When we sleep well we have more energy, our body is refreshed, our mind is clear and our attention and concentration increases. There are many sleep aid supplements but unfortunately most do not work as they promise!


SleepTight is an all new natural formula that ensure you not just sleep better but also wake up feeling more refreshed! These sleep aid pills are made with Valerian, Chamomile, Passionflower, Lemon balm, Melatonin and many other natural ingredients that make it the most effective sleeping pills without any side effects. Along with a better sleep, these sleep aid pills offer other benefits, including:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Eases restlessness
  • Improves sleep
  • Makes you well rested and refreshed


Unlike most sleeping pills you will not wake up feeling even more tired! The natural ingredients soothe and calm the mind and body, enhancing a good nights sleep and a pleasant morning. These vegetarian sleeping pills are absolutely natural and do not contain any habit forming ingredients. Even if waking up is not your favorite thing to do, after a well rested sleep with these sleep aid pills you will wake up full of energy! SleepTight is unlike other sleep aid supplements as it not only focuses on a good sleep but also enhancing your energies for the next day. Waking up fresh and energized will have positive impact on your work life, family life and overall attitude towards life.


This melatonin sleep aid works on calming your mind and body. The most common reason for a disturbed sleep is stress and anxiety. SleepTight calms your mind and body before you sleep, so you can be completely relaxed and slip into a deep and trouble free sleep. It’s not a sleeping pill that just forces your eyes shut; instead it calms you so your body is ready for a night of rest. These natural sleep aids are highly effective, safe and will give you a good nights sleep, every night!



MELATONIN Antioxidant and free radical scavenger that supports the immune system and helps control the natural cycle of sleeping (including REM) VALERIAN ROOT Herb used for centuries to promote restful sleep.

CHAMOMILE Herb traditionally used to calm anxiety and relax muscles.

•L - TRYPTOPHAN An essential amino acid. After absorbing L-tryptophan, our bodies convert it to niacin

 5-HTP, and then to serotonin.

PASSION FLOWER Botanical used for centuries in herbal tradition for it’s calming effects- perfect for encouraging a deep, restful night’s sleep.

LEMON BALM History of this herb from the mint family can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where it’s soothing qualities were used to promote relaxation and healthy sleep.

HOPS Most recognized for it’s use in brewing beer, hops has also been used to promote a good night’s sleep since 9th century Europe, when workers in the hops field were often caught falling asleep on the job!

Simply put, this sleep aid is guaranteed to help you fall asleep fast, experience satisfying rest throughout the night, and wake up ready to face whatever the new day might bring 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied!

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